C. K. Prahalad’s economic Pyramid did inspire a lot of marketers in India for pushing tons of products like shampoo in […]
UX Product Design process; here is an attempt to summarize it in 12 questions. The most challenging part for designers, […]
I really enjoyed being with around 45 energetic designers, ‘Bangalore Design day event. It was a great experience talking to […]
Product companies need to conceptualize new products for either widening their existing markets or offer newer features and functionalities for their existing […]
With the introduction of android one phones in India, the market is getting ready for thousands of first time android phone […]
Android One Google’s new initiative to promote Android smartphones in India. Most of the Indians today, want to update themselves to […]
Research, Technology, AND Art, Creativity, Design are the building blocks of INNOVATION The human brain is said to have two halves […]