Leadership Team

Atul Manohar

Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Product Innovation | UX Design Idea to Product | Design Thinking | Startup Mentor

Pankaj Sapkal

Co-founder & Chief Design Officer

Product Design | UX Design | User Research | Design Ethnography | Design Strategy

Design Culture

Our values are the heart of our work culture, and they guide our actions every day


We distil simplicity from complex realities


Empathy creates meaningful experiences


Great things can only be achieved by working together


Adapt and succeed, or become redundant and fail


We are what we practice being consistently 


To transform others, we must be willing to be transformed

We Craft Desirable Physical and Digital Experiences

Thought Craft is a design studio committed to empowering businesses with Design & Innovation. As a passionate team of designers & creative thinkers, we strive to create value for our clients and the customers they serve.

Our Strengths

Felicity with Futuristic Technology

Cognitive & Affective Design Thinking

Humanizing Technology

Lean Innovation Methodology

Experience Design

Enterprise Product Design