A virtual C-level officer may not be in the office, still, is responsible for strategic decisions for the company. This […]
World war 2 changed the world to a great extent. Changes in almost everything; Industry, Politics, Health & Wellness. Corona […]
Design and innovation are placed in the intersection of Business, Human Values, and Technology. in this beautiful Venn diagram. (Image […]
I bought a new Laptop computer yesterday and was super happy about it. The new laptop is expected to be […]
Are you on a journey of making your organization Design and Innovation Centric? Enterprises of all sizes know the value […]
Most startup businesses today are evaluated based on their adoption rate. Human attention span to anything new is limited and […]
Tech startups should adopt Design Thinking Mindset. Design Thinking could help Choose the right problems to solve, Come up with […]
Design in the tech industry is maturing thru last 20+ years Designers are reaching ‘Deeper’ in the product and services […]
C. K. Prahalad’s economic Pyramid did inspire a lot of marketers in India for pushing tons of products like shampoo in […]
Most software product companies desire to shift to ‘Subscription model’ from selling Perpetual licenses. I am calling it a transition […]