The Ecstasy and the Agony of the Idea-to-Product Journey

An idea is thinner than air.

Yet it is true that an idea can change the world – if treated rightly.

An idea needs distillation and the correct treatment before it can begin to grow. You have to choose what to focus on and what to leave for others. You must know what you can do now and what you leave for doing later.

ThoughtCraft offers handholding at each point of growth on the journey of an idea to product-hood.

The Methods & the Mechanics of the Idea-to-Product Journey

Ideas need methodical processing.

Then, a good product concept can achieve market capitalization – 

The MVP represents the optimal form of the product concept for the GTM strategy. To enable effective product launch, product features need to be prioritized at the earliest – based on User-stories and their flows.

Naturally, User Experience depends on how well each flow is configured and interlinked.

Design Inputs at Different Stages in the Journey of an Idea to Successful Product

1) Identifying the specific aspects of a business problem worth solving, Formative User research with specific user personas.

2) Articulating the solution concept, Story telling.

3) Hi-Fidelity Clickable Demo of your product to explain the solution benefits to users and Investors.

4) UX Design for Minimum Viable Product. Interaction design, User research, Visual Design, and Design validations

5) Design for all touch points of Customers and Users

6) Setting up UX practice and process

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