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Customer: The customer is a visionary organization that provides a dynamic platform for empowering businesses to evaluate and enhance their relationships with stakeholders.


The platform was aimed at businesses to evaluate and improve their relationships with stakeholders by leveraging advanced survey techniques and robust evaluation parameters.

We started from scratch, and built the whole User Experience for the MVP. The frontend website, Web-based survey design tool, and backend admin panel to trigger surveys, and Analytics View were all part of the scope for the UX product design.


Lack of an intuitive & streamlined process to collect and evaluate stakeholder feedback.
Difficult to encourage the end users to go through the whole survey.


Public-facing website: Showcase the company’s dedication to fairness and attracting companies who prioritize ethical relationships.
Backend management: Enable efficient management and execution of surveys.
Survey screens: Made exciting for the survey participants.


An engaging website showing brand message through interactive animations.
An efficient backend management for workflows and visualizations for insights.
Engaging survey screens were achieved with the help of gamification methodologies.

User Survey Desktop
User Survey Mobile